Pre Conference Sessions Prague 

Mark Springer
Encouraging Futures: Empowering Learners through an Integrative Curriculum:

This full day pre-conference session offers attendees a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the “cutting-edge” efficacy and relevance of empowering students to share in planning, implementing, and assessing a truly integrative curriculum. As curriculum integration embodies all the major components of middle level philosophy, this session necessarily addresses topics such as building effective learning communities, differentiation, formative assessment, and academic accountability, to name a few. The morning portion of the presentation is a participatory demonstration of the full planning process involving local middle level students along with attendees. The afternoon portion includes an overview of actual units my Soundings students implemented, the examination of specific documents, strategies, and results of those units, and the opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Christine Brown:
Planning, Teaching and Assessing Standards Based World Language Units Using Understanding by Design

This session will be devoted to a review of the Standards and Benchmarks for Language Learning from the US and the AERO Language Standards and how these standards can be used to design and teach a standards based language curriculum. There will be a strong focus on putting culture at the core of the language units and teaching with cross disciplinary themes in mind to reinforce other important content at the grade levels. Participants will have samples of standards based units in multiple languages including less commonly taught languages. Participants will have an opportunity to begin a unit using a common template and to share curricular concepts in small groups by language and by level. Presenters: Christine Brown, Deputy Head, Carole Morgan School, Santo Domingo and Tami Canale

Alan Leis 
An Administrative Toolbox of "Look-Fors:" Curriculum, Instruction, Hiring, Evaluation, and Workplace Satisfa