ELMLE Recruiting - A wonderful opportunity!

ELMLE provides a free forum for both administrators seeking to hire middle level teachers, as well as an avenue for teacher candidates looking for future employment to meet at our annual conference. While most teachers use this opportunity to recruit for the upcoming school year, it has also been used to learn more about schools teachers might want to work for in the future. We will also have a "Job Recruitment Tips" workshop during the conference so candidates can learn more about this service and to help put their best foot forward for a potential new job. A panel of current ELMLE administrators will be available to answer questions and provide helpful recruiting information.

How it works:

Recruiting administrators who are registered at the conference will post an updated list of possible openings on the bulletin board located near
registration. Interested candidates should check the list and contact the administrator directly to arrange meetings at the conference using our “folder system”. A folder will be available for both recruiters and candidates to facilitate communication during the conference. It is suggested that recruiting teachers bring hard copies of their resumes to place in the administrator’s folder. We do ask that you schedule interviews outside of the conference session times, so that neither side feels obliged to miss any of our outstanding presenters who we have arranged.

Teachers who are interested in setting up a recruiting folder, please stop by registration table to pick up your personal folder. Put your name on the folder and place in the recruiting box that we will provide and then also drop off any resumes you have in the administrator’s folder at this time.

Richard Hester
Ambrit International School, Rome