Conference Sessions

The following sessions are planned for Prague 2012.

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Featured Speakers

Mark A. Springer

Session 1: Unlocking the Doors to a Great Middle School
Session 2: Involving Students in Formative Self-Assessment
Session 3: Soundings: Inviting Students to Explore What Really Matters

Christine L. Brown

Keynote Address
Session 1: Focus on Standards Based Performance Assessments in World Languages
Session 2: What Would be the Effect on Language Teaching with Mandated Standards and 21st Century Skills

Alan Leis

Keynote Address
Session 1: Curriculum: Present and Future Tension
Session 2: Team Time for Teachers

Jason Ohler
Keynote Address

John Abbott
Keynote Address: Middle School; Where Intelligence is Honed, and Dreams are Born

Participant Led Workshops

Motivating Meddlesome Middle School Pupils
Richard Hester, Ambrit International, Rome

Bullying and Victimization in Overseas School
Kent Blakeney, American International School of Vienna

Leveraging Physical Education and Sports for Community Development
Frank Bartmann, International Community School of Addis Ababa

If You're Hearing Voices, That's A Good Thing
Jennifer Rhodes and John Nash, University of Kentucky and International School of Monaco

New Curriculum Framework/Big Ideas Week
Ben Kestner and Stephanie Wintjes, St. John's International School

Investigating Classroom Communication: What Matters?
Sandra Janusch, American School of the Hague

Engaging Students With Google Earth
Mark Gaspersich, American School of Warsaw

Including Foreign Language in the 21st Century Movement With Blended Learning and Technology

Andrea Reinsmoen, American School of Bombay

Standards Based Reporting and Recording: An Open Discussion

Tony Mobbs, International School of Prague

How can we link assessments to our school mission? A new way of thinking

Tony Mobbs, International School of Prague

Music and Foreign Language
Florence Verniolle and José Antonio Femenía-Macias, International School of Amsterdam

Assistive Technology for Literacy Exceptionalities

Andrew Luceno, International School of Amsterdam

21st Century Tools to Teach, Learn and Collaborate

Sylvain Jacques, International School of Beijing

Differentiating and Boosting Presentational Skills through Inclusion and Diversity
Yasmine Hashmi and Jags Myanger, Inter-Community School of Zurich

What Are We Doing in Advisory Today?
Susan Barrett and Nancy Braun, International School of Prague

Thinking about Environmental, Health and Social Issues through Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Program and Harvard’s Visible Thinking Routines at the International School of Amsterdam
Mary Kelly, International School of Amsterdam

Harvard's Visible Thinking and Student-Led Conferences at the International School of Amsterdam
Mary Kelly, International School of Amsterdam

Investigating Classroom Communication: What matters
Sandra Janusch, American School of the Hague

Six Reasons to Sing: Pushing Modern Language Students up the Proficiency Scale through Song
Valerie Navarro, Ph.D., International School of Prague

Inspiring Ecological Responsibility in the Modern Language Classroom
Andrea Schäfer, International School of Prague

Curator: Conversations About Teaching 21st C. Skills through Authentic Ed
Matthew Hayes and Lyle Bobyk, International School of Prague

Curriculum Integration
Noel Bridges, Southeast Middle School

Middle School Leadership Collaborative/ Job-a-like Session
Yolanda Barrena, Frankfurt International School

A Writing Life: Pursuing Our Own Projects as Teachers of Writing
Claudia Crase, American International School of Vienna

Entering the Reading Zone
Emily Bridgham and Rochelle Slachta, The American School of The Hague

SkillCards: Play to Your Potential
Nikolay Hersey, AIS- Vienna

Collaborative Uses of Google Apps in the Classroom
Joel Scanga, International School of Budapest

Effective Strategies for Overseas U.S. Teacher Taxpayers
Jonathan Levy, Integrated Benefits

A Financial Plan for Your Present and Your Future
Jonathan Levy, Integrated Benefits

Resist! Transforming the Myth of 'Sheep to the Slaughter'

Jonathan Fust, Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation