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Conference Prague 2012

From Comenius to Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Questioning What Matters

Is our thinking radical enough for today's international middle-level students?

Thursday, 26 January, 2012

Main Conference: Friday and Saturday, 27-28 January, 2012

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Closing Gala
: Saturday evening

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Dear Conference Attendees:

We are looking forward to offering you a very warm mid-winter welcome to the beautiful city of Prague.  If you have never visited our city before, you are in for a treat. On the banks of the river Vltava Prague has been at the centre of European history, politics and culture for over a 1000 years. Vysherad, one of the two centres of power in Prague was established in the 10th century and is just a few minutes from the Hotel Corinthia where we will stage the 2012 ELMLE Conference.  From the lobby of the hotel you can see the Vysherad metro station and just two stops down the line you can emerge at the top of Wencelas Square, which is dominated by the statute of the great Czech hero the Good ‘King’ Wenceslas (he was actually a Duke).  As I write another Czech hero has just a few weeks ago passed away and the statue of the historical Vaclav Wenceslas is now surrounded by masses of candles lit in memory of the ex-President Vaclav Havel, whose death is being deeply mourned by the Czech people.    

Another great Czech hero will feature during our conference – Jon Amos Comenius lived from 1592-1670, and was one of the earliest champions of universal education. His very ‘modern’ approach to pedagogy was inspired by the influences and rhythms of nature and his ideas offer us a meaningful contrast to some of the more pragmatic influences of 21st century educational thinking.  As we reflect over the course of the conference on what we think really matters when developing middle level education, we could do worse than to draw on some of the child-centred ideas of  one of Europe’s most significant educational thinkers.

As well as absorbing some of the history and culture of Prague and the Czech Republic, we hope you will get a chance to glimpse some of our city’s other attractions. To get you started, we will supply you with information and ideas. Begin by checking out the google map of where to eat and what to visit but better still, just talk to one of our ISP Middle School teachers who will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Have a great conference!

Kevin Hawkins

Middle School Principal

International School of Prague