Trudi van der Tak

Historical Tour of Berlin 
This pre-conference is limited to the first 20 participants who have registered and paid. 

Berlin, as a city, gives insights into the Nazi era including the Holocaust. This pre-conference will take you to several lesser-known sites pertinent to World War II studies of the Holocaust. We will begin the day at the Wannsee House, site of a 1942 meeting, which determined the fate of European Jewry. Dr. Wolf Kaiser, educational director, will lead us in 2 workshops: one on the rise of Hitler and the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship over Germany and the other focusing on the “Wannsee Conference” in its historical context. We will then proceed to “Gleis 17” (the train track that saw the deportation of the Jews of Berlin). This will be followed by a visit to the “Otto Weidt Institute of the Blind,” which is but one illustration of those “silent heroes” in the heart of Nazi Germany who did what they could to save their fellow human beings.

Optional: Dinner at your own expense and then informal group tour of the “Bundestag”. 

At the end of the day you will receive a map and short explanations of the many other sites throughout Berlin, most of which are opened at least until 20:00, if you would like to continue exploring on your own.