Florence Verniolle and José Antonio Femenia

Finding the Colours of Berlin -- a walking tour for world language educators
This pre-conference is limited to the first 20 participants who have registered and paid. 
In this workshop participants will be able to discover the city of Berlin through ”colour related cultural activities and linguistic tasks.” The participants will experience the city of Berlin as a realistic approach in how to stimulate the visual sense and how to use it in educational purposes.

• How colours can inspire creativity thinking?
• How to learn and appreciate the senses of the colours in a city?
 The advantages of providing extra curricular activities in foreign languages.
• Become familiar with the implementation of areas of interaction in outdoor activities.
• Obtain the maximum benefit from the cities( for your teaching)
• Gain experience of working in teams and reaching consensus.

This workshop is appropriate for foreign language teachers who like outdoors activities as well as spending some time in museums, can be applied to any cities with a cultural dimension. Colours are everywhere, let’s catch them to enhance our ways of teaching!