Steering Committee
Derek Harwell
Lenelle Davis
ACS – Cobham
United Kingdom 
Cheryl Zeigler
Exhibitors, Grad. Credit & Grants
Frankfurt IS

Alex Dailey

Conference Chair
AIS Vienna
Cat Dick
IS Prague
Czech Republic
Jag Myanger
General Secretary
Zurich ICS
Mike Murray
Teacher Presenter Coordinator
AS Barcelona
Mark Gaspersich
AS Warsaw

Candace Bennett
AS London
United Kingdom

Tami Canale
AIS Budapest
Lauren Leahy
Presenter Travel 
AS The Hague

Sarah Ellyson
Speaker Liaison
American Overseas School of Rome, Italy

Our organization is managed and run by educators who give their time and energy to promote middle level education and professional development. Our chief endeavor is the annual January conference. 

Steering Committee members are elected from the general membership for two year appointments. If you'd like to find out how you can help support our efforts please contact Derek Harwell: 

The ELMLE Steering Committee, which is the governing body of the League, has positions open for election at the annual meeting. Steering Committee members must be middle level educators who are individual members of ELMLE/ALME or members of an ELMLE/ALME school in good standing and who have a real commitment to middle level education.

Committee members are expected to attend four (4) meetings throughout the school year in addition to the annual conference. The expenses for attendance at these meetings are assumed by the member school and/or individual. The location of these meetings depends on the countries represented on the Committee, but we try to use a central location and/or rotate meeting sites to equalize expenses for everyone involved. 

The term of office is two years beginning February 2017 and ending February 2019. If you are interested or have someone from your school that you would be willing to nominate and support, your director or principal should fill out the NOMINATION FORM  by January 15, 2017. In addition, nominees need to attach a statement about themselves and their middle level experiences along with a picture. These will be posted at the conference to inform the voting representatives. The election will be held at the annual delegates’ meeting during the 2016 conference in Barcelona, and successful candidates are expected to attend a steering committee meeting during the conference.  

If you would like further information about the Steering Committee or what is expected of a Committee member, please contact Derek Harwell, ELMLE President.

Derek Harwell