ELMLE is an affiliate organisation of the Association for Middle Level Education or AMLE, the new name of the National Middle School Association (NMSA).  Membership is dual between the two organisations, and gives access to all AMLE resources and benefits, as well as preferential rates for the annual ELMLE Conference, a vote in ELMLE elections, and access to our publications and archives.

ELMLE offers dual AMLE/ ELMLE membership for both schools and individuals. 
If the link does not work for you, go to the AMLE website,  

To reach the membership forms on the AMLE website click on Membership, then click on either Professional Membership or School Membership, and look at the bottom of the box.  If you entered from Professional Membership you will find a link for Dual Members - click this.   ELMLE is in the list of Dual Affiliates.  Choose either Individual or School Membership and click to get the membership form.  If you entered from School Membership, the link goes straight to the Dual Membership with ELMLE school membership form.

Member Schools

The following schools are current members of ELMLE. If you have questions about your membership status, would like to check your renewal date, or ask for your membership number, please email our Membership Chair.

Kandern, Germany - Black Forest Academy